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Every now and also, there are really weird collecting trends that pop up and people go crazy over because they suppose they ’ll make them rich. Beanie Babies and Pokémon cards, anyone? People were induced that hoarding these effects would pay off down the road when their little novelties were worth the big bucks. And now you can add another ( really strange) thing to that list of useless collectibles — NFTs. 


NFTs. The rearmost mode to hit the internet and the world of cryptocurrency. Confused? We were too. So we went and did some digging (so you did n’t have to). Let’s dive into what an NFT is — get ready to feel really old no matter how tech expertise you are. 

What Does NFT Mean? 

NFT stands for non-fungible token — say what? Yeah, it’s the weirdest expression we ’ve heard in a while too. And what the heck does commutable mean anyway? Well, it principally means it’s commodity that can be traded one-for-one. A bone bill is commutable — meaning a one- bone bill does n’t hold any further value than another one- bone bill. But if commodity is non-fungible, it’s unique all on its own — like a baseball card or piece of artwork. 

What Is NFT Art? 

NFT art is one of the most common ways to collect NFTs. We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but NFT art? Well, that’s a whole different ball game. NFT art is digital artwork that only exists in a digital world on a little commodity called a blockchain. The blockchain is like a digital tally where power is recorded — the same way that cryptocurrency power like Bitcoin is logged. 

Collecting NFTs As Digital Crypto Art 

What falls into the order of digital artwork? Nearly anything. There’s your regular graphic art that a digital artist wants to vend, also there are GIFs, robustness, music and emojis. 

Now, you might be allowing, But what if I just right- click “ Save As” on a digital print of a cat wearing a top chapeau? I saved the print, and now I enjoy it for free! Not so presto there — the blockchain does n’t suppose so. You might have the print saved in a brochure on your laptop, but there’s no substantiation you enjoy anything. A quick hunt on the ol’ blockchain might show that someone differently formerly bought that artwork and they’re the due proprietor. 

Yeah, the whole thing sounds sketchy. But the verity is, people are paying big bucks for these little commemoratives. 

A digital artist called Beeple vended his artwork in the NFT mode and made nearly$ 70 million! 1 Yea, you read that right — million. And Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was vended off as an NFT and brought$2.9 million! 2 Because nearly anything on the internet can be turned into an NFT. Indeed tweets count now. 

Oh, but it does n’t just stop there. Well, the sports world was n’t about to let the NFT occasion pass them by. The NBA has created commodity called Top Shot, letting people buy short videotape clips of iconic sports moments. So, an avaricious Los Angeles Lakers addict could enjoy a clip of LeBron James ducking in a playoff game. It might sound like commodity from the time 2200, but people really are buying this stuff. NBA Top Shot has made$ 230 million! 3 Yeah — just when you allowed the internet could n’t get any weirder. 

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